Universal 8 kVA Spot Station Double Program 400V

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Tecna Universal Spot Station Double Program 400V

Tecna Universal Spot Station Double Program 400V

Universal welding station 8 kVA, hand-operated gun, double program. Simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the relevant welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process.

Car body shop repair works: resistance spot welding of sheetssheet straightening with spotter(nails and washers), localised sheets heating (carbon electrode), screws and rivets weldinginox sheet-metals spotting.

Synchronous SCR welding control unit, welding time adjustment in cycles and pulses, welding current adjustment and compensation function.

The welding stations with epoxy-coated transformers, are supplied equipped with:

  • Item 3489 – Adjustable height trolley with tray and arms holder.
  • Item 3473 – extra-flexible cables L= 1800 mm, 150 mm2.
  • Item 5001 – pair of straight arms, L=107 mm.

Supply Voltage: 400V - 50 Hz

Fuse: 25 Amps

Nominal Power 50%: 8 kVA

Maximum Welding Power: 35 kVA

Thermal Current 100%: 0.88 kA

No Load Voltage: 7V

Weld Time: 1 - 99

Protection Class: IP21

Weight: 85 Kg